Learn how to properly care for your tile floors to ensure lasting enjoyment.

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Preserve the Lasting Beauty of Your Tile Floors

Proper care and cleaning routines make maintaining your tile floors' timeless elegance and functionality effortless. Tile's inherent durability means it requires minimal upkeep compared to other flooring materials. By following these simple yet effective methods, you can ensure your tile floors retain their vibrant look and easy-to-clean surface for years to come.

Routine care &

Cleaning is Key: Sweep or dust mop your tile floors regularly to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. This helps prevent the accumulation of dirt that can scratch the surface over time. For a more thorough clean, occasional mopping with a solution of warm water and a neutral pH tile floor cleaner is recommended.

Minimize Wear and Tear: Placing area rugs in high-traffic areas can help minimize scratches and wear on your tile floors. Encourage family members and guests to remove shoes when entering your home.

Tile floor cleaning | Good Shepherd Flooring and Design Center
Tile floor cleaning | Good Shepherd Flooring and Design Center

Dealing With tile
Spills & Stains

Act Quickly: Prompt action is crucial for minimizing the impact of spills and stains on your tile floors. Blot up liquids immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. For tougher spills, you may use a solution of warm water and a mild dish soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning pads, as these can scratch the tile surface or damage the grout.

Consult Your Manufacturer's Guide: For specific cleaning recommendations and stain removal advice, always refer to the care guide provided by your tile floor manufacturer. Following these guidelines will ensure you use the appropriate cleaning methods to avoid voiding your warranty or damaging your floors.