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Do you realize how dirty your surfaces are?

Good Shepherd Flooring and Design Center of Grand Junction, Colorado can service all of your carpet cleaning requirements. We use up-to-date carpet manufacturer-recommended products to remove harmful bacteria and dirt from your carpet. The trained technicians at Good Shepherd Flooring Center only use biodegradable and non-toxic products to clean your carpets. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and our technicians are knowledgeable about different natural and synthetic carpet fibers. Let us design a carpet cleaning program for you. A regular Good Shepherd Carpet Care Program will not only keep your business looking bright and clean, but will add years to the life of your carpet. our experienced carpet professionals will assess your specific business needs and develop a program that will help you protect your carpet investment for the long-term. We believe that honesty and candor is the foundation of a good business, so when we provide an estimate, it fully describes the services we will provide and the costs involved. With Good Shepherd there are no hidden charges.

Carpet cleaning services include:

  • Basic Living room and Dining room furniture moved
  • Carpet grooming
  • Pre-treat pet and soiled areas
  • Upholstery and other Fabric cleaning services:
  • Spot treatment
  • Furniture
  • Fabric covered panels
  • Anything covered in fabric
  • Truck mounted, steam clean at 180°

Professional Spot Remover:

The perfect solution to help restore your carpet to its former beauty. Deodorizer: Carpets not only trap dust and dirt – they also trap odors. we offer a high-quality deodorizer to keep your carpet smelling fresh. Spot Remover: During the life of your carpet, spills and stains will happen. With our spot remover, you can erase those small stains in no time. Also works great for your vehicle. Safe and non-toxic.

Protectors available:

  • Auto & RV/ boat upholstery cleaning
  • Red stain removal

Cleaning your carpet often helps to maintain its new appearance. some people worry that cleaning too frequently will cause carpet to age more quickly, but the opposite is true; allowing dirt to build up within a carpet’s pile will age the carpet prematurely. For the best results it is recommended that you clean your carpet several times a year. Even in areas with minimal foot traffic, airborne dust and soil agents accumulate on carpet over time. when dirt is allowed to build up in a carpet’s pile, it can scar the fibers and give the carpet a “dirty” appearance that will remain even after professional cleaning. In other words, if you wait until the carpet looks dirty, it may be too late! To learn more about carpet care or any of our other fine services, call the experts at Good Shepherd!

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